Discovering electric vehicles

Cars are a real means of transportation in the world. By the multiplicity of brands of cars and models, we find electronic ones. This is how a classification of these cars is made every year. They captivate us through several criteria. Let's take a look at the top 10 of these cars based on their characteristics.

Characteristics of the 5 electronic cars in the world

First, we find in first place the Tesla Model 3, a very affordable car. It is placed in the lead because of its autonomy. Because this capacity it possesses is above the market requirements. Then comes the Porsche Taycan which rivals the Tesla S a bit. This Porsche has a better finish as well as exceptional comfort. The Audi e-tron GT follows, which is only present as a prototype. That is, not physically available on the market. It has a very similar construction to the Taycan. After that we find the second Tesla model, the Tesla Model S which is the most produced in the Tesla family. In a single charge, this model can reach over 500 kilometers. Finally, the most sold Nissan LEAF in the world. It is small in size and easy to drive for its user.

5 other models with their particularities

You should know that these cars have the ability to not take fuel. This is because they are charged through an energy source and work that way. Speaking of other forms of these automobiles we meet the Chevrolet Bolt EV. Completely without a fuel source, it is not fully available. In seventh place, the Hyndai Loniq has the distinction of being both rechargeable and using gasoline. The Polestar 2, from the Volvo family, produces around 408 hp / rev. Also able to reach a certain distance before a new charge. In ninth position, the Mini Cooper SE, which in most cases is the result of electric car hybrids. Finally, there is a Rimac C Two made famous by German manufacturers. It is not present in all the countries of the world, but is highly coveted.

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