2 tips for successful installation of solar panels for swimming pools

Nowadays, it is not always pleasant to swim in a pool. When the weather is bad, the cold dictates the weather. Solar pool heating is both an ecological and economical solution to keep swimming comfortably. However, a strategic and professional installation is necessary. Find out in this article how to successfully install solar pool panels.

Choosing the area for solar heating installation

For the safety of the pool users, solar heating should not be installed just anywhere. Regarding solar mats, it is recommended to install them near the pool. In particular, this considerably reduces heat loss. Rigid panels, on the other hand, should be installed high up, usually on the roof of the pool house or the house. You can find more information here. Other installation options also exist. For example, there are solar floors that can be placed around the pool. They do not pose a risk to users. In addition, whatever the solar kit, the installation can only really work if the solar collectors are correctly oriented. To do this, it is best to place them so that they are exposed to the sun for a minimum of 6 hours a day.

Solar heating installation: the practice

Installing a solar pool heater is not really difficult. All it takes is some basic DIY skills. So if you don't like DIY, let a professional do the installation. It is possible to do the installation immediately after the pool is built, or later. To begin with, all the elements of the solar mat must be assembled to create the solar floor necessary for heating. Then it is important to connect the solar collectors to the water through the connecting pipes. A special pipe connects the mat (or panels) to the filter. This pipe is used to bring cold water to the collectors. Another pipe is used to connect the collectors to the distribution nozzle. It also brings water heated by the sun to the pools.