Everything You Need to Know About Panagbenga Festival

Everything You Need to Know About Panagbenga Festival
Panagbenga festival place in the city of Philippines called Baguio including music, Panagbenga festival dance, food, shopping, street dance and much more.
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Every country, state, regions and even cities have their own yearly festivals. These festivals are usually linked with the seasons and historical event.

Some of the festivals remind us about the sad where other remind us about the happy moment but other than this, some festivals are more than just remembering someone.

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For example, the Panagbenga festival which took place in the city of Philippines called Baguio. Unlike other festivals, this festival is about to praise the season of flowers and helping the community who got affected by the earthquake in 1990.

What is The Meaning of Panagbenga Festival?

The word Panagbenga came from the Kankanaey language. This language has been spoken in many Asian countries like Philippines and Malaysia etc.

The literal meaning of Panagbenga festival in the English language is flower festival but it has been translated as the season of blooming. It has been translated into different words too, by the locals but the meaning of all of those words are same which represent the flower, blooming, season and festival.

What is The Purpose of Panagbenga Festival?


  • While the festival is linked with the flowers of the new season but celebrating the new season of the flower is the not the only purpose due to which the government celebrates this festival.


  • Panagbenga Festival generates great profit for the locals and so for the local government. It is a great attraction for the people in different countries due to which they travel there for the tourism purpose.


  • In the month of Panagbenga festival, it could be hard to find a room in the hotel to stay due to the high demand of the tourism where the places like the shopping mall, restaurants, cafes, and bar also generate great profit.


  • The festival is also a great way to keep the old tradition and culture of the city alive. The festival was first held to help the people who get affected by the Luzon earthquake in 1990.

When Does Panagbenga Festival Take Place?


It is one of the lengthiest festivals of the country. The festival took place from 1st of the February to the first Sunday of the March.

Panagbenga 2019

Throughout the whole month, different types of activities took place which attracts the people not from the other cities of the country but also from the other part of the world.

Especially, the people from nearby countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand travel toward the Baguio city to attend this festival.

What Do You Expect in The Panagbenga Festival?


 While the festival is linked with the flowers and known as the festival of the flowers but it is more than just that.

From the opening parade to closing ceremonies, you can expect many things there including Panagbenga festival music, Panagbenga festival dance, food, shopping, street dance and much more. In short, once you came in the city to attend the festival,

you are not going to be bored or return with nothing but a lot of great memorize related to the Panagbenga festival.

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