Decoration for Panagbenga Festival 2019

Festivals are usually famous and known for music and dance but some festivals are only celebrated for nature. Panagbenga is one of them.

This festival has been celebrated before spring whih means that the season of blooming. This festival has been starting celebrating to generate income but later become part of the culture.

The decoration is an important part of this festival. Unlike other festivals, this festival is not limited to one venue but almost the whole city that’s why the whole city has been decorated with colorful flowers.

Exploring these decorations in Panagbenga festival is an interesting time pass. Especially those, who love art should not miss out any piece of decoration in Panagbenga festival 2019 because it will give them inspiration.

The locals and organizers spend extra money to make it sure that each and every corner of the town where the grand parade of the festival took place is decorated well and as per standards of the festival.

Here are some ideas of the decoration which you will explore in the Panagbenga festival 2019

Artificial flowers

Artificial flowers can be seen everywhere because they are cheaper while the local show their creativity by adding bright and different colors in them.


The sunflower is the most important flower of this festival due to the season of sunflower. As compared to other flowers, you will see them more frequently including dummy sunflower posters and costumes were worn by the performers in the dance performance.

Artificial garden

While the place itself is beautiful to explore but still the organizer create an artificial garden in the mid of the venue and decorate them with those flowers which are not available due to the season. This place is good for the photography.

Rose Patel shower

On the first day of the festival, the people use red roses to make a passageway for to appreciate the duties of their soldiers. The whole passageway looks very beautiful due to the fresh and real rose petals. Defiantly, you can also walk over it once the soldiers passed out from there.

Local homes

The street, roads, and shops are not the only things which have been decorated by the people but the local also decorate their houses with homemade paper flowers. They take inspiration from the colors of spring.

They use the paper flower because the real flower cost high while does not stay for the whole month.

Photo shoot decoration

The people also decorate the photo shoot places on different spots of the city for the visitors. These temporary beautiful studios are free and paid. So, it depends that what you choose.

Decoration for Panagbenga Festival 2019

The paid photo shoot studios are more beautiful and build professionalize. This is one of the main attraction and people love this idea.

Flower buckets

The flower buckets become very common in the restaurants during the festival days. The restaurants and food shop place at least one flower bucket on the table before serving the food as decoration and welcome the guests.

The Panagbenga Festival 2019 is an interesting event to explore the creativity of the Philippians people and get inspiration.

Decoration for Panagbenga Festival 2019
Article Name
Decoration for Panagbenga Festival 2019
The Panagbenga Festival is an interesting event to explore the creativity Here are some ideas of the decoration will explore in the Panagbenga festival 2019

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