Pin Baguio Up into Your Bucket List on The Weekend 2019

A trip to the new world. People might say that quote regarding to a place in Philippines which is so rich of awesome sites and attractions. Located in Northern Luzon, Philippines, Baguio is best known as mountain resort city and has been spread around the world as one of interesting places with ethnic and local shows.

It is truly understandable since Baguio preserves us, as tourist, to enjoy many things out there. So, if you are going to feel the new spirit and atmosphere of enjoyable weekend before busy weekdays are coming up, you might pin Baguio up into your bucket list on the weekend.

Lot Options to do Sightseeing in Baguio

As one of the busiest city in Philippines, Baguio became overwhelmed with business center, commerce station, and also education places. Window shopping is truly necessary since this city offers you a lot of Philippines local cuisines and also local products with a great quality.

At some point, if you were art enthusiast, you can also buy arts there since Baguio is canalized their artists with several ways to sell their work. It is impressive because Baguio artist’s product is truly remarkable as well.

Enjoy Ethnic Festivals in Baguio 2019

Ethnic festivals in Baguio are held annually. One of them is Panagbenga Festival. As one of cultural heritages, government of Philippines is making it as a great deal so that it is famous around the world. Panagbenga Festival 2019 is always full of people.

Local and international tourists are coming to enjoy the festival every year. As stated above, this festival is also one of the ways for sculptors, painting artists, weaving makers, and animators to show their hard work into the world and sell them to the visitors.

Nature and Parks are Simply Recommended

If you are tired of walking around the city or you could not catch up the annual festival because you are not coming there on February, you could still do this one thing. Nature and parks in Baguio are good to for us, especially who are bored in getting stuck with polluted air every day.

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Mount Pulag National can be a great choice to do hiking. Burnham Park is essential for camping. Or else, if you want to start over a journey to a rainfall, Bridal Veils might be a good option.

So, have you decide your destination in Baguio? Great adventure is waiting for you!

Festivals in Baguio 2019
Article Name
Festivals in Baguio 2019
Ethnic festivals in Baguio are held annually. One of them is Panagbenga Festival 2019. As one of cultural heritages, government of Philippines

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