10 reasons to visit Panagbenga – Park in Baguio (Philippine)

visit Panagbenga 2018

Contents1 1. Flowers Everywhere2 2. Feel the Weather3 3. Meet the People4 4. Enjoy the Food5 5. Panagbenga Decoration6 6. Panagbenga Floats7 7. Street Dancing Parade8 8. Panagbenga Music9 9. Enjoy the Fireworks10 10. Explore the Nature The Panagbenga festival is famous for the flowers, but is that what makes it special? No, there are […]

Panagbenga Grand Street Dance Parade 2019


Contents1 panagbenga festival 2019 parade1.1 Panagbenga grand parade 20192 Panagbenga 2019 Grand Street Parade When did you have been in a festival which has been delegated to the natural beauty of the beauty of the flower? If it has been a while then you need to get familiar with the upcoming event called Panagbenga festival which is famous […]

What new in Panagbenga Festival 2019?

Panagbenga Festival 2019

Contents1 The theme of Panagbenga Festival 20191.1 What to do in Panagbenga Festival 2019?1.1.1 What to eat in Panagbenga Festival 2019?2 Panagbenga Floats 20192.1 Panagbenga Dance and music The meaning of Panagbenga is the season of blooming. This festival has been celebrated in the month of February. In the start, it was started to raise money […]

Every things about Panagbenga Floats 2019

Panagbenga Float 2019

Contents1 What is grand float parade?2 What is Panagbenga Floats?3 Floats Decorate:4 Best time to watch Panagbenga Floats: Panagbenga Festival is one-month flower festival which occurred in the city of Philippines called Baguio. The festival consists of many small and grand events which are related to flowers, colors, culture, music, food, and dance. Each and […]

Decoration for Panagbenga Festival 2019

Decoration for Panagbenga Festival 2019

Contents1 Artificial flowers1.1 Sunflowers1.1.1 Artificial garden2 Rose Patel shower2.1 Local homes2.1.1 Photo shoot decoration3 Flower buckets Exploring these decorations in Panagbenga festival is an interesting time pass. Especially those, who love art should not miss out any piece of decoration in Panagbenga festival 2019 because it will give them inspiration. The locals and organizers spend extra […]

Panagbenga Festival 2018 Schedule of Activities

Panagbenga Festival 2018 Schedule of Activities

Contents1 Opening parade – 1st February2 Parade and Street Dancing Competition – 4th Saturday of February3 Trade Fair and Bazaar – 1st Saturday of February to 1st Sunday of March4 Grand Float Parade – 4th Sunday of February5 Session Road in Bloom – 4rth Monday of February to 1st Sunday of March6 Closing ceremonies – 1st […]

Panagbenga Festival 2019 Update: Tagalog, Ticket, Routs, Decoration, and Floats

Panagbenga Festival 2019 Update: Tagalog, Ticket, Routs, Decoration

Contents1 Panagbenga Festival Tagalog1.1 Ticket to Baguio city for Panagbenga Festival1.1.1 Panagbenga Festival Parade Routes In 20191.1.1.1 Floats and decoration The Tagalog culture is not just famous for its great history but also due to its colorful festivals, events, costumes, music, dance steps and food. When we talk about Tagalog festival or culture, the first […]

Panagbenga Festival Dance 2019

Panagbenga Festival Dance 2019

Contents1 Panagbenga Festival Street Dance 20192 Festival Dance Steps:3 Basic steps in Panagbenga Festival:4 Panagbenga Dance Music 20194.1 Cultural Dance “Panagbenga Festival” Panagbenga Festival is famous for the flowers because it has been celebrated for it in the month of February till the first week of March. But flowers are not the only attraction of […]

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