Interactive voice response: let's talk about it

Other / Friday, December 3rd, 2021

On some devices, it is not uncommon to be greeted by the voice of a robot that helps us to better orient ourselves or to solve a problem following the purchase of a product. This channel, called interactive channel, is one of the features that allows any user of an Android phone to interact without even establishing a connection with the operator. In this article, it is about relating all the information related to the interactive response.

What is IVR ?

IVR is referred to as a telephone system response that helps customers or employees of a structure to interact through voice dialing or a tone. So your automated system can have interactions with callers through interactive voice response. You can learn more about IVR at Simply put, IVR is one of the ways to link a phone call to a very specific recipient.

Reasons to use the IVR system in a business

Many businesses give their customers the option of contacting customer service when they need help. This is most often seen in large companies. Thanks to IVRs, FAQ's at the bottom of websites, customers can simply file their reviews without any hindrance. Moreover, you can even solve most of your problems after purchasing a good or service via these tools.

How the IVR system works 

Before installing the IVR system in your business, you need to have a phone card as well as IVR software. With these different tools, you can easily make a pre-recorded greeting for your callers. The good news is that it is possible to customize your recordings according to the callers' needs. Callers will be greeted by different voices when they try to log in to their account or when they call a store.