Panagbenga Festival 2019 Guide (Baguio Flower Festival)

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Panagbenga is the term used in Kankanaey language which means that season of blooming. In English, Panagbenga Festival has been translated as the flower festival.

It is one of its own kinds of the festival which has been arranged every year in the Baguio city which is located in the Philippines. Usually, there are more local than the tourists in any kind of festival which has been hosted by the city but in Panagbenga Festival, there are more tourists than the local.

That’s why; this festival of the flower is very popular and recognized worldwide.

To get entertain maximum from a festival, you must prepare yourself in advance so that you can enjoy the flavor of the festival with its original taste.

If you are planning to attend Panagbenga Festival 2019 and already aware of the Panagbenga Festival schedule of activities then you must prepare yourself in advance.

This will help you to enjoy each and every important ceremony of the festive and you can also attend the maximum activities.

Following I am writing the complete guide to help you to plan that what to do and when to do in the Panagbenga Festival 2019.

Panagbenga Festival 2019 Guide

Panagbenga Festival 2019 Guide

Plan a trip for the Panagbenga Festival 2019

  • The complete timeline of Panagbenga Festival 2019 is more than 1 month. If you have limited time to spend in the city due to low budget other important assignments then try to attend the festival in the last week because the most activities took place in the last week of Panagbenga Festival.

Book the hotel room near the venues

  • Hotels near to the Panagbenga Festival venues may charge you a bit high price for the renting the room but at the mean time, this will allow you to save transport expenses.
  •  The taxi and other local transport charge high prices in the days of the festival

Get familiar with the venues of the festivals

  • Getting familiar with venues of the festival will help you to reach the place on time. Most of these venues are next to each other. So, once you know the complete location, you can reach on the sport by feet.
    Wake up early in the morning
  • The activities at Panagbenga Festival start at very early in the morning. To get a perfect spot to sit or stand to enjoy the parade, dance, music and other shows you need to reach the spot as early as possible.



  • The best time is to reach before 6 AM

Enjoy food along with living performance

  • Eating in the restaurants which are located on the venue is the best option because this will allow you to enjoy the live performance of Panagbenga Festival dance and Panagbenga Festival music right from your food table.

Try free sample to get massage

  • There are many companies who are giving a free sample of their products. Among them, health and wellness products are best because they offer 5-minute massage for free to allow you to test their services for promotion purpose.

 Purchase at least one thing from Bazaar

  • Going back to your home with empty hands is not a good idea. So, purchase at least one thing from the Bazaar. This is a cheap market where the verities of products are unlimited.
  • If you have a good budget, then purchase gifts for friends and family 🙂

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