Every things about Panagbenga Floats 2019

Panagbenga Festival is one-month flower festival which occurred in the city of Philippines called Baguio. The festival consists of many small and grand events which are related to flowers, colors, culture, music, food, and dance. Each and every aspect of this festival is beautiful and you got a lot of opportunities to make it memorable by attending different events.

Panagbenga Float

Panagbenga Float

Luckily, last year I got the chance to visit Baguio to attend this beautiful festival of flowers. From day first to the last day of the festival, every day I have something new to enjoy there. But the grand float parade won my heart as compared to other events of the Panagbenga Festival.

What is grand float parade?

While the whole month has something to enjoy in this festival but every week on Saturday and Sunday, there is something different and the big event happened on different venues of the festival. Grand Float Parade is the biggest one among all of them which took place on fourth Sunday of the February.

Unlike other parades of the festival, this parade shows the true color of flowers, culture, costumes, and dance.

The parade opened with the shower of petals while different groups walk on the road by performing dance, music and much more. The wear the colorful clothes and dance very traditionally to entertain the audience


What is Panagbenga Floats?

The Panagbenga Festival Floats are one of the most important parts of the Grand Float Parade to fee the multi color floats made completely with different flowers of every kind. One by one every group comes up with their Panagbenga Float which looks different from each other and must be because the organizer of the events gives the prize to the group who designed the best Panagbenga float for the Grand float parade.

The winner’s flower float stays at the winning venue till the ending ceremony of the festival so that maximum people can see the winning float. It is not necessary that the winning float must represent the flower but it could be anything but creative. I want not expecting that how much defectors every participant of this parade has given on float decoration to win the contest.

Floats Decorate:

I have attended many other flower related festivals in the different part of the world and see the float decoration. I must agree that the floats decorated in this festival are most unique than ordinary floats which you see in other flower festivals and parades. You will literary see all type of floats ideas there.

Some contestants come up with the floats designs which were inspired by their culture while other made the big car, robot and even a beautiful hat. In short, the floats decorates are not limited to the specific concept only but beyond that.

Best time to watch Panagbenga Floats:

Everyone waits for the grand parade and wants to stand in the first row to enjoy the show. If you want to get best views of this parade, make sure to reach the venue on time so you should not miss any single view of the beautiful Panagbenga Floats and other decorations.

Panagbenga Floats 2019
Article Name
Panagbenga Floats 2019
The Panagbenga Festival Floats are one of the most important parts of the Grand Float Parade to fee the multi color floats made completely with different flowers of every kind.

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