Purchase tongue drum : how to choose it well ?

Other / Thursday, July 28th, 2022

Do you want to buy a Tongue Drum, but you are not sure which one to choose in view of the large number of models available ? In order to select Tongue Drum pane, it is first necessary to define its use. Depending on its size, its frequency or the number of languages, the instrument will not be used in the same way. Here are the elements on which to base your choice of Tongue Drum.

Choose according to size

The size of the Tongue Drum is a very important element when it comes to selecting the Instrument that will suit you best. Obviously, the smaller the Tongue Drum, the more portable it will be. Discover here the models of tongue drum in finland. Indeed, below 25 or 30 centimeters in diameter, it will fit in most backpacks and will not weigh more than 2 kilograms. Above this size, the Instrument starts to get quite bulky and heavy. Thus, a small Tongue Drum is essentially recommended for those who seek to play fast and energetic melodies, while a large one will be more oriented for deep sounds in a zen and relaxing atmosphere.

Take into account the accessories provided with the purchase

It turns out that some tongue drums come with several accessories while others don’t. The most classic accessories are the mallets, which will allow you to hit the tongues directly like the sticks of a drum, protections for fingers or plectrums, which will be positioned on the fingers of the instrumentalist so that he comes to hit tongues directly with this accessory rather than with mallets, stickers to identify musical notes, an instruction or sheet music booklet and a bag. However, you do not have to choose your Tongue Drum based on this criterion. If you also feel that a model will be more for you, but it does not have all the accessories compared to another, then choose the first. You can always get the accessories at retail a little later.

Take your tongue drum according to its frequency

The frequency is also a question that often comes up when it comes to the choice of tongue drum. There is an astronomical quantity, since the manufacturers do not really have a limit in this area, and it is possible to find Tongue Drum tuned in 528, 417 or even 396 hertz. But it turns out that the two most used and known frequencies are 440 and 432 hertz. If the frequency is not listed on the Tongue Drum product sheet, it will most likely be 440 hertz. The other criterion on which you must base yourself to choose your tongue drum is the material in which it is designed. Tongue drums are made with metal, but this metal can vary depending on the model. Thus, it is possible to find instruments in steel, stainless steel, copper or in nitrided steel which is an alloy with better resistance to shocks and corrosion. Even if the material is not necessarily a determining criterion, it may be interesting to prefer a Tank Drum in nitrided steel to have an Instrument that will resist outdoor conditions such as humidity for many years.