Second-hand products

Other / Saturday, October 30th, 2021

Anyone who wants to consume responsibly should ask themselves before every purchase: does it really have to be new? Because there are many good reasons why it is worth buying second-hand or reselling second-hand items. And there are opportunities to buy or sell used goods everywhere. Not to mention the non-negligible benefits it offers.

Buying used online

Many find it enjoyable to rummage through the flea market, but not all. Buying used items online has the advantage of being able to buy from the comfort of your own home, and you'll find a wide selection at many online second-hand stores. You can even send the goods back to some portals. So if you prefer to sleep in on Saturday mornings instead of browsing second hand shops and also online second hand stores, you will find a multitude of online second hand stores on the net: classifieds portals as well as larger and smaller platforms for second hand buyers and sellers. The most important:

Buying second-hand saves resources and the climate

Every product uses resources to be manufactured: energy, water and raw materials. However, many resources are scarce or can only be used at great risk: for example, the extraction of crude oil for the production of plastics and fuels causes environmental damage worldwide. The extraction of mineral resources like coltan or gold for the production of electronics destroys entire landscapes and finances armed conflicts. Huge amounts of pesticides are used to grow cotton, and a huge amount of water is used. And the burning of coal to produce energy amplifies the climate crisis. You can reduce your contribution to these problems through conscious consumer decisions: for a used product that is purchased instead of a new one, no additional raw materials are produced and resources are not consumed. Buying second-hand therefore preserves natural resources and contributes to the conservation of resources. It also protects the climate.