Some reasons for Jorginho's absence from Messi's golden ball ceremony

Other / Tuesday, November 30th, 2021

The debates around the 2021 Golden Ball are all very diverse. So despite the many competitors Lionel Messi may have had, he was able to win this fabulous award. Scheduled for this day, most people are wondering if Jorginho would come to the ceremony to present the golden ball to Messi. The likely answer is no. Through this article, you will see the reasons that can justify his absence.

The low chances of the player to win the golden ball

Among the reasons that would justify Jorginho's absence from this great ceremony are the low chances of the player to win this award. Go to this site to find out more Indeed, Jorginho is one of the best players who were in a tough competition to win the Golden Ball 2021. A decisive midfielder for his team, Jorginho has proven several times that he deserves the golden ball. How do you accept the fact that someone else is in such an important position, the same position you wanted so much? It is quite difficult to accept, even unbearable. Attending Messi's golden ball award ceremony would be pure showmanship. It's good to be upfront, as many football fans already found his presence at the party uncertain.


Another reason for Jorginho's absence from the Messi Ballon d'Or award ceremony is the coronavirus pandemic. This virus, which is already two years old, does not cease to cause damage of all kinds. It has even disrupted several football matches. However, some measures have been taken for some time to ensure that football activities continue smoothly. For example, some football stars have recently been in England for the Premier League and are not vaccinated against covid-19. These players, including Jorginho, will not be able to attend the ceremony. Even if he came to France, he would have to stay in quarantine for a few days, which again makes it impossible for him to attend the Golden Ball ceremony.

These are some of the reasons for Jorginho's absence from Messi's Ballon d'Or award ceremony.