Trepeid lamp: What do you need to know?

Other / Monday, July 19th, 2021

Decorating your home or giving it a new look is something we all love to do. Absolutely right ? Sometimes we want to add something special or try a different style. Have you ever thought of a floor lamp with a tripod? It gives a nice touch to your interior and is easy to use for functional or mood lighting. However, a floor lamp has many advantages because you can use it a lot. In this article, we will know what this very precious object is made of.

The advantages of the tripod lamp

The floor lamp has a simple and natural design. It is made of wood that is pleasant to the touch and sits on a stable tripod. To find out more, read full article. Thanks to the polyester shade, the lamp creates a warm and comfortable light. The FL1002 is particularly suitable for a modern and simple furniture style or a classic Nordic style. Each foot is made from a complete piece of wood. Thanks to the special design, the three legs can be taken apart, allowing you to easily store the lamp when needed. In addition, the lamp is compatible with bulbs of different voltages and the lampshade is easy to clean. The lamp itself is of an excellent finish, very easy to install and comes with an LED bulb. Depending on the voltage of the bulb you want to install, it gives a wonderful effect to the whole room in the house. Great floor switch that turns on and off with a flick of the foot. The structure is solid and well made. The tripod legs are strong and durable, not only charming lights, but also the brindan balance of the lamp and adjustable height. Done well, it is easy to assemble. Where the feet are screwed together, we cannot see the joining of the two pieces of wood, which therefore fit together perfectly. The lampshade is removable so also washable and this is another important and super positive aspect.

Another advantage of this lamp

It really has features and a high mood factor. In terms of functionality: With a tripod floor lamp, it is very easy to read a book on the sofa because you can put it as you like. The good mood factor? Talk to yourself. A subdued floor lamp in the evening creates a pleasant atmosphere and allows you to rest after work. You can also easily move a tripod (or just a floor lamp) since it is loose.