Panagbenga Festival Dance 2019

Panagbenga Festival Dance 2019
The traditional dance of Philippines is quite same,young girls in the <strong>Panagbenga festival dance 2019</strong> do the traditional dancing steps. For these dance steps,
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Panagbenga Festival is famous for the flowers because it has been celebrated for it in the month of February till the first week of March. But flowers are not the only attraction of this festival.

Panagbenga Festival Dance Competition 2019
There are colorful costumes, flower parade, music, food, and dance. While each and every one of these things makes the festival memorable for the guests but the Panagbenga Festival dance performed by the local makes it special.

The Panagbenga Festival dance is not limited to the traditional festival dance steps or Panagbenga dance music but beyond that. They dance on modern and different types of music too so that no one can get bored with the performance of the groups.

Panagbenga Festival Street Dance 2019

Whether its dance or music, all of the performance has been on the street during the grand parade. This is actually great news to watch the Panagbenga festival street dance because this allows maximum people to get the view of beautiful dancers in beautiful costumes. If this took place at one place then only limited people will make it due to lack of space.

In the street dance of the festivals, you will see the people of all age. Usually, the old people prefer to perform the old traditional dance where the youngster does with the modern dance steps. The young girls in the Panagbenga festival dance 2019 do the traditional dancing steps. For these dance steps, they prepare for weeks.

Festival Dance Steps:

In a festival, there is no hard and fast rule to dance. You can dance the way you like. But the Panagbenga festival is different because the performance has been done on the street and main road. If you have not attended this festival yet then you much check out Panagbenga festival video on YouTube and see the upside Panagbenga dance videos to get some idea.

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There is only one rule which all the performers have to follow and it is to keep the flower with you so that the main objective of the festival stays alive.

Basic steps in Panagbenga Festival:

There isn’t much to learn if you are interested to learn the basic steps of this festival. The traditional dance of Philippines is quite same in all parts. They dance in the circular moment and loudly speak the message of unity and love.

By video, these steps may look hard to learn but in reality, they are not. Anyone can learn these basic steps by practicing few times.

Panagbenga Dance Music 2019

The dance in Panagbenga is performed on specific music. If you Google Panagbenga festival music mp3, you will get the downloading link of these music files.

In past, this music was same for the years but today the local music artists are adding and releasing its remix version to make the dance music more interesting.

Other than this, the dance of this festival is also famous because of semi naked costumes of boys and girls. When they come with their costumes, the crowed make noises and appreciate their performance and joke about their dresses.

Cultural Dance “Panagbenga Festival”


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