Must Eat Panagbenga Festival Foods 2019

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Panagbenga Food List
A festival is incomplete without delicious food, the verity of drinks and snacks.

While the Panagbenga Festival of Philippines is famous for beautiful flowers, roses, colors, parade, dance, competition, and culture but the Panagbenga Festival food is also an important part of this festival.

To make the festival more interesting and entertaining for the guests, the organizers of this festival invites the traditional cooks and allow them to open temporary stalls to offer the best food in the Panagbenga Festival 2019.

Following I am sharing my quick guide related to Panagbenga Festival food to help you to plan that how much money you should have for the food and what type of food you should eat while you are giving your eyes the beautiful view of flowers, dance and cultural things etc.

Panagbenga Festival Food Prices

The cost of eating any type of food during this festival is not very high. Even if you are coming to this festival with the limited budget, you can still enjoy the verity of different traditional and famous food of Panagbenga Festival 2019 easily. A person can easily eat the full meal as low as P 200 to P 300 in quality restaurants. The food stalls, shops, and trucks in the corner of the road offer much low price food too.

Popular Panagbenga Festival Food 2019

Some dishes may cost more but they can be eaten by more than one person. So, do not hesitate to try the new Panagbenga Festival food during the day and night time including the traditional breakfast of the town.

Popular Panagbenga Festival Food

Instead of writing about all the foods available in this festival which you can eat in another part of Philippines during the season, I would like to talk about the specialty of these festival foods. There are some restaurants who are serving the traditional Panagbenga Festival special food for many years.

This food could be found anywhere else but the taste of these dishes would not be same as you can eat in the local restaurant of the town.

Strawberry Taho

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If you want to taste the true sweet flavor of regional food then the Strawberry taho should be on your list to taste at least once when you are in Baguio city. Today, this dessert is being sold everywhere but to taste the authentic dish, you need to be at this festival. It is made with fresh strawberries.


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No festival is complete without the traditional or you can say must have the dish of the Philippines which is called Lechon. This is made from the pork and famous for its unique way of cooking.

This dish is also famous here because it is the national dish of Philippines. It is available at very affordable rates and can be eaten by multiple people in the dinner.

That’s not eating; there are dozens of food stall on both sides of the main road during the whole month of this festival which can try any time without waiting for the time of breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Food Trip! It’s More Fun In Panagbenga!


Panagbenga Festival Food 2019

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