What is the budget to acquire and use a scooter?

Other / Sunday, December 19th, 2021

It is true that a scooter is one of the least expensive means of transportation available. However, you will need to budget for the purchase of a scooter as well as for the purchase of the necessary accessories for its use. Discover then in this article the point of the expenses related to the use of a scooter.

The budget for the purchase of the scooter

In new stores, you should be prepared to spend between €1000, and €10,000. The prices depend on the brand, model and power of the machine you want to acquire. In general, you can find a scooter of an acceptable range with optimal performance at an average price of €3000. You also have the possibility to buy in the second hand sector on the website https://www.erowz.no. On these platforms or in stores specializing in second-hand sales, you will get totally low prices for higher range models.

The budget for purchasing scooter accessories

To drive a scooter, you will need a number of accessories, some for your protection and others for the safety of the machine. The first accessory you will need is a safety helmet. For these accessories, you will need to budget between €100 and €300, depending on the comfort and safety level you are looking for. You will need gloves to protect your hands. Here, you should budget more than €100 because you will need a glove for cooler times and another for hotter times. You will need rain suits and high shoes adapted to motorcycle riding. For these two items, you should plan on a sum of €300. Finally, you will need an anti-theft device worth about €150 to prevent theft of the vehicle. The use of this accessory also makes you eligible for compensation in case the theft has been successfully perpetrated.

The expenses related to the use of a scooter

Finally, in order to fully enjoy your scooter with peace of mind, you must take out insurance. Thus, in case of theft or traffic accident, the expenses will be covered by the insurer. It is necessary to count between €400 and €1000, for this type of service, and this according to the power of the machine.