What should I know about e-banking?

E-banking is a way to access banking services remotely through an interactive platform. Thus, we can access it, depending on the moment, via a minitel, telephone, ATM, computer or via a personal digital assistant with an Internet connection. In this article, we will talk about the three major advantages of e-banking.

Why online banking?

Online banking is an interactive form of accessing banking services with bank branches, as opposed to direct banking, which is banking without branches entirely online. Visit the site to find out more about e-banking

How do I use e-banking?

Do you usually check your account balances online? If the answer is no, this is unfortunate. Today, a company has the possibility to carry out all its banking transactions electronically, simply and at a reduced cost. With multiple advantages. So don't limit yourself to the minimum and make the most of the advantages of e-banking!

The three major advantages of e-banking :

1 - It generates productivity benefits. These gains are due to the dematerialization of procedures, to the uniqueness of data entry in a single point, and to a reinforcement of the control of payments made by clients and providers.

2 - Transaction security is another major advantage. By eliminating the circulation of documents on paper and CDs, electronic payments eliminate the danger of data leakage. In addition, the use of highly protected electronic methods for the communication and validation of orders reduces the possibility of fraud to a minimum.

3 - Online banking is above all a financial gain. The cost of any bank service is significantly lower when it is offered digitally. For example, the price of an ordinary transfer order is €3.50 for a paper transfer, compared to €0.19 for an electronic transfer. These figures speak for themselves...

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