YouTube: a chain of various facts that carton

Other / Thursday, June 24th, 2021

Two amateur students of various facts created the "Murders explained" chain on YouTube about a few months ago. The initiators of the chain tell the social stories, the facts of municipality, etc. Internet users subscribe very quickly to the chain that records a success closely instantaneously in two (02) months. This article speaks of the remarkable evolution of the phenomenon.

The success of various facts in France

In France, the news attracts many curious on social platforms, information browsers, etc. For legal matters, especially crimes and murders, Internet users show a very great interest, and it is moreover to meet this need of the French, that Rudy and Eliott, two students at the psychology faculty of Besançon initiated the YouTube channel '' Murders Explained '' which means in French, '' explanation of the murders ''The enthusiasm of the French for the subjects of murders and / or other various facts has allowed young developers to get a quick success in about 2 months. The YouTube channel has been counting since its creation, 10,000 subscribers that follow Rudy and Eliott programs online.

Specificity of video clips on the channel

In a dark decor, with a horror film melody, young YouTubers tell the facts that have occurred in the villages or city of France, Belgium and the same in the United States. The cases are studied carefully, with a description of the psychological profile of the protagonists, the evidence of the facts identifying by the police and justice. The environment of the crime, has passed to the end comb in order to relate to subscribers of true stories.
Young students conduct personal investigations to complete the information collected on the various facts of the video. Like the first stories of young youths, we can mention the couple of Alexia and Jonathan Daval. A premeditated assassination of the husband who killed his wife to silence forever.